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Facial Plastic Surgery & Art are my Passions

Cranio-Maxillo-Facial Surgery is the only specialty focused exclusively on the face, treating all facial structures from bone to skin holistically. This specialty addresses a wide range of facial surgeries, including congenital & developmental disorders, trauma, oncological conditions, reconstructive procedures, jaw corrections, infectious diseases, and facial plastic & aesthetic surgery. Choosing a Cranio-Maxillo-Facial surgeon ensures that you receive the highest standard of care for any facial condition. 


Natural Face.

Nabil Fakih.


39 years


Dr. Nabil Fakih Face Expert Specialist

Dr. Nabil Fakih, born in Spain, is one of the leading facial surgeons and a recognized global expert in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He serves as the Vice-President of the Spanish Society of Facial Plastic Surgery and Chairman of Oculoplastic Surgery at the European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery. Additionally, he is an associate member of the American Academy of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, an Honorary Member of the Argentinian Society of Aesthetic & Functional Rhinoplasty, and a member of the International Advisory Board of the American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery. 

He specialized in Cranio-Maxillo-Facial Surgery at Spain's most prestigious hospital with international fellowship program in the USA. He has authored or co-authored numerous scientific manuscripts and books on facial plastic and reconstructive surgery and has developed several surgical techniques that are used worldwide. As an international educator, he is passionate about sharing his knowledge and enhancing the training of surgeons.

He prides himself on achieving natural-looking, harmonious results that accentuate each patient’s unique facial features. He exclusively performs Facial Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine. With his artistic talent and double certification, he is exceptionally qualified to operate on your face. He works with a wide range of patients, including models, actresses, and members of the social elite, whose livelihoods depend on their appearance.

Nabil Fakih-Gomez, MD. MSc. FFPS.

Cranio-Maxillo-Facial Surgery

Face Expert Surgeon

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We are committed to providing comprehensive, evidence-based medical care with the utmost professionalism. Dr. Nabil Fakih, an internationally board-certified expert in facial cosmetic surgery, leads the practice with unparalleled dedication and expertise.

Dr. Nabil Fakih is delicate and meticulously measures every aspect of your face before surgery. His philosophy is akin to that of a tailor who measures your body to create a perfectly fitting garment; similarly, a surgeon must measure precisely to achieve the best possible results.

Dr. Nabil Fakih aims to prepare the body for the stress of surgery by implementing comprehensive pre and post operative measures. His personalized protocols for each patient and type of intervention ensure better and safer postoperative recovery.

‘’ Tailoring your face ‘’

‘’ Caring about you ‘’

‘’ Commitment & Expertise ‘’

Facial Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine 

Upper Blepharoplasty

Volumetric Contouring

Lower Blepharoplasty

Boomerang Technique

Lower Blepharoplasty

X3 Vector Technique

Forehead Reduction

Suspension Technique

Direct Browlift

Deep Plane Technique


Browlift Technique

Revision Rhinoplasty

With or Without Rib

Primary Rhinoplasty

Ultrasonic Piezotome

Deep Plane

Facelift & Necklift

Direct Lip Lift

Sashimi Technique

Indirect Lip Lift

Bullhorn Technique

Lip Reduction

Silicone Removal

Fat Grafting

Microfat & Nanofat

Cosmetic Ear Surgery


Buccal Fat Pad


Chin Surgery

 Mentoplasty / Genioplasty


Face & Body Toxin

Hyaluronic Acid Filler

Hybrid Fillers


Peels & Skin Care

Aerolase Laser 

ND-YAG & Erbium-YAG

Transforming Faces with Surgical Excellence

Dr. Nabil Fakih sharing knowledge



During a one-on-one private consultation, I will provide a comprehensive explanation of the technical aspects of the surgical or non-surgical procedure. I will take the time to understand your concerns and learn which aspects of your face you most want to address. My focus is on your individual needs, and I will recommend treatments to help you achieve a naturally enhanced appearance.



Adhering to all ethical standards and recognizing that I do not possess divine powers, I strive to give more than 100% effort in every surgery. As a physician, my focus is on detail, precision, delicacy, and meticulous care to ensure the best outcomes for our patients. I am supported by a specialized team during surgeries to ensure seamless operation. Each patient’s face is treated with the same care and dedication as if it were my own.


Aesthetic Medicine

Dr. Nabil Fakih is a globally recognized authority in aesthetic medicine, with over 30 published scientific articles and instructing more than 98 courses. As one of the world’s top injectors and the director of the Facexpert Academy, he exemplifies expertise and innovation. As the founder of the Hybrid Filler, entrust your face to expert hands. 

Pre-Surgical, Intra-Surgical & Post-Surgical Integrated Care

Member of International Societies 

Featured in +100 Newspapers & Magazines

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